Making a Rental Space Feel Like Home

My motto in decorating my own abode has always been: Keep costs down by using mostly what I have and arrange things according to convenience of use, as long as it’s pleasing to my eye.  I usually have to live in a space for a while before ‘convenience’ becomes apparent.  I’ve been here in this apartment for approximately 1.5 months.  And this is what I came up with:  

Below is my living room so far. The TV stand sits in front of the fireplace because, really, there was no other wall for it in which it would fit.  It’s OK because I’m not that much of a fireplace kind of gal anyway.  I may feel differently come winter but I can always mount the TV over the fireplace and convert a small book-case to house my components if I do.



And this is the ‘reading chair’ next to the TV.  The magazine case next to it holds my latest book love and also makes a nice place to go through ads and mail.  I would like to put some artwork above the chair but haven’t found anything that appeals to me yet.  Any ideas?  Please forgive the messy bookstand in the hallway.  It definitely needs some work.  Anyone out there that has mastered the art of arranging bookshelves, I need your input!



The ‘dining room’ is actually my office area.  The tall cabinet holds my computer, printer and paperwork.  I use the small desk next to the front door for hand writing notes and things I need to mail or coupons I want handy when I head out the door for groceries.  The heart-shaped baskets on the wall are for holding my keys, sunglasses, gift cards, etc.



The hope chest belonged to my mother and the art print above was a block print she won a prize for from the city of Denver in the 1950s.  The hope chest houses extra blankets and pillows for overnight guests since this is where they’d be sleeping on the blowup mattress. It also makes a nice place to park a purse!



This is my bedroom thus far, an antique bed with an antique quilt and curtains I bought for $3 from the my sister’s friend’s mother (you never know where you’ll ‘find’ things!) that fits in so well with the ‘antiqueness’ everywhere in the room.  The room is a work-in-progress so please excuse the lumpy pillows.



The dresser opposite the bed belonged to my grandmother and holds my collection of jewelry boxes.  It’s already been stripped and ready for paint.  My plan is to do something creative with it (like maybe painting a scene in the front) and changing the pulls.  Any ideas are welcome!  My sisters and I used to each have an assigned drawer when we would visit her in her cabin in the mountains.  Oops, I’m obviously not a stellar photographer – I captured myself in the mirror still in my nightgown!



My daughter helped me pick out a small chest for my bathroom with baskets for drawers and one cabinet.  It fits perfectly and adds so much-needed extra storage.  If I purchase something, it’s usually something I know I can use just about anywhere in my home and many times over in the future.  The basket on top of it is part of a shower caddy set that, when I removed it, provided hooks to hang my body scrunch and body brush.  The removed basket makes a nice little perfume and body moisturizer caddy on top of the chest, don’t you think?



This is the shower caddy, of course.  I had a hard time keeping it in place until I read a post about putting a zip tie at the top of the shower head connection.  Following this pic is a closeup before I cut the excess off the zip tie.  It works beautifully!!



And here’s a small corner of my patio.  The chairs I already had.  I added the pillows, rug and small table, complete with candles for ambiance.  I would like a bigger table in the future and I will eventually add some artwork to the wall but, for now, it works and the candles smell heavenly.



Well, that’s it …my apartment home, arranged according to convenience.  I would love to hear your decorating tips and comments!


9 thoughts on “Making a Rental Space Feel Like Home

  1. Lew Potter says:

    Thanks for writing. Surely enjoyed see your home. Terese just asked me, When is Michelle going to write another post?” LOL

    Do you have an outlet near the fireplace? If so that will mske it easier for an electrician to drop another outlet? How about cabe) oulet?

    Are you making friends? Found a church?


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