Time to Stop Thinking and Start Doing

For some time now I’ve been thinking about writing a blog.


That’s me above…thinking.

Three years thinking, in fact.

April, Chris and me Thanksgiving 2014




Now that I’m about to turn sixty-something and my two kids are grown

(that’s my two kids on either side of me)





Cheyenne 2016

and my five grandkids are nearly grown (that’s my sweet daughter-in-law in the middle next to my son and me),


This was my family when I was three years old. That's me on the right, sitting on my dad's lap. And that's my sister sitting on my mom's lap. We're a family of five because our other sister is due in a few.


and I’m busy working on my newest adventure ~ moving back to Colorado


(that’s me on my dad’s lap before we left Colorado),




I thought this would be the perfect time to begin.